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Kanchana Paati, We promote learning programs primarily through music, art, drama, dance, field trips, indoor, outdoor, and adventure. It has a student-friendly curriculum and well-grounded support services and one of the best play school in Chennai. We conduct leadership programs to discover values through communication, conceptual thinking, and creativity. Our school has well-trained teachers and staff with a safe indoor and outdoor environment. Teaching is done by digital methods in our school. The methodology of teaching is based on Montessori and play way. The best play school has to teach staff training around the year.

Kanchana Paati has plenty of indoor and outdoor playing equipment in a properly maintained play area. Our school has a progressive curriculum that fosters the natural development of the children. We have more active parent engagement initiatives. We appreciate as best play school by providing convenient transportation.

Our school has top five benefits they are:

  1. Play can foster effective communication.
  2. Play helps to develop social skills.
  3. Play develops cognitive, critical, and motor skills.
  4. Play creates confidence among kids.
  5. Play inspires creativity.

Parents prefer to choose a school that puts innovative teaching. We support pre-literacy skills. Kanchana Paati develops social and emotional skills. The environment of our preschool makes children engage better with other children and adults. We are allowing children to develop social skills at their own pace. Kanchana Paati helps in building a child’s emotional confidence and encourages physical activity, imagination, and creativity. And by encouraging it leads to many achievements and success in life. And also we help in learning through role-playing also.

Play involves active engagement.  Play involves an element of make-believe. We have introduced fifteen invitations to play.

  1. Sand play – It is a foundation of scientific learning and developing self-confidence.
  2. Water play – Water play is great for learning the consequences of actions.
  3. Playdough – It teaches fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination.
  4. Dress up and role play – It makes sense of the adult world, roles, and interests.
  5. Doll and character play – It develops social play and encourages imagination.
  6. Drawing and painting – It is a sensory way to develop self-expression and pre-writing skills.
  7. Blocks, jigsaws, and shape sorters – It lays the foundation of spatial thinking, logical reasoning, and ordering.
  8. Music, Dancing, and Singing – Singing and music help in developing language and form the basis of literacy skills. Dancing helps the child to develop strength, coordination, and flexibility.
  9. Imaginative play – It develops the imagination which is more useful for literacy skills and logical reasoning.
  10. Running, Jumping – It increases their confidence and develops their resilience through risk-taking.
  11. Nature play – It makes children be more independent and inquisitive.
  12. Sensory play – It stimulates exploration and building blocks of science and investigation.
  13. Basic board games – The themes of numbers, colors, shapes are vital for teaching children turn-taking and sharing.
  14. Cooking and pretend cooking – It combines elements of sensory play, mathematical concepts, and home safety.
  15. The Cardboard box – It provides them with scraps of fabric, cushions, pencils paper plates, and watch them explore their world.

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