Kanchana Paati Creche Benefits
  • Our Creche services start 91st Day onwards until 18 months.

  • Nursing mothers are permitted to visit at a designated time to feed their child.

  • Special foods can be provided by parents.

  • Menu planned by nutritionist.

  • Creche curriculum for 3 months and above.

  • Weekly assessment for each child from 3 months to check their developmental milestones.


  • A nursing mother can restart her career after 90 days of maternity leave.

  • Convenience of Breast feeding while at work (Healthy Grooming).

  • The convenience of Grandma’s care.

  • Healthy, Nutritious and Balanced menu.

  • Appropriate learning initiation for a child to achieve developmental milestones.

  • The result are reviewed with parents for their engagement in grooming their child.

Kanchana Paati Creche Features

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