Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum for Play School & Pre School is based on Developmental Focus

Kanchana Paati Creche Features
Kanchana Paati Developmental Focus

Our Methodology Of Teaching

Kanchana Paati Teaching Methodology

E – Child touches, feels, experiences and eats the banana.

L – The Word ‘Banana’ is introduced by the teacher.

P – Seen as picture in books, flash cards and activities.

S – Understands the purpose of symbol for every word.

Circle Time

It is a special time for sharing, finger play, chants, rhymes, songs, play instruments, read a story, participate in movement games and relaxation activities. Circle time provides time for listening, develop attention span, promote oral communication, and learn new concepts and skills.

Circle Time

Interest Centers

Kanchana Paati Interest Centers

Interest center is an area where materials of a particular type is displayed and made accessible to children. An appropriately furnished play space is provided for children to participate in a particular kind of play.

Examples of interest centers are science, manipulative, creative activities, dramatics, play, reading…

Learning Through Play

Development in each domain can be fostered by giving each child a chance to participate in play based activities.

Our curriculum focuses on play based learning.

Learning Through Play

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