We have corporate tie – ups with organizations that have a large workforce especially women and we offer special rates and features to them.

Kanchana Paati Corporate Services

Our 91st day onwards service, 6 days a week service. Grandmotherly care, freshly prepared snacks and food at centre, closed on 11 national holidays in line with corporate holidays, roaming access across all our centres make our day care offering the most sought after by corporate parents.

We consult and operate onsite day care centres in large corporate, tech parks and factories. We offer

  • 12 hrs Day Care extendable to accommodate multiple shifts.

  • Parenting Workshops for young parents, skill learning programs for employees.

  • On-site summer camp for the employees Children.

Pre requisites for Onsite Day Care

  • The space should be independent of the main office area so that the office environment is not disturbed.

  • There should be independent, child friendly toilets and washrooms.

  • There should be a sandy play area, preferably an open space for children to stretch, move, run, play and also take some sun light on their shoulders to grow healthy.

  • Provision to keep the doors and windows open to let fresh air in. Grooming Children in an Air – conditioned environment for 10-12 hours is not healthy for the child.

  • Secured kitchen area to prepare fresh milk, soups, snacks and food for the children.

  • Separate nursing room for breast feeding children.

If a corporate is able to dedicate only air – conditioned space, we recommend daycare with only crèche facility to manage children from 91st day until 18 months, to facilitate young nursing mothers. Children above 18 months require open space, fresh air.

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