Day Care

Day Care For Children between 18 Months until School


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  • 8 AM – 8 PM – 12 hours service.

  • 6 days a week.

  • Closed on only 11 designated holidays.

  • Mineral water, Freshly prepared nutritious snacks and food at center.

  • Play, Pre-School option. No school.

  • Learning, Activity , Play Time.

  • Compulsory outdoor play.

  • Roaming Facility.

  • 12 hour customer care.

  • Toilet training at day care centre.

  • Washing and grooming done after sleep, play hours.


  • Be on time to work. If delayed, your child is in safe hands.

  • Day care convenience for parents on Saturdays.

  • We work when parents work.

  • The responsibility is outsourced to us. Parents get extra time for themselves and the children get fresh, healthy and tasty food.

  • Our structured learning program for “Go to school” ready children to complement regular schools.

  • All-round developmental focus.

  • Faster brain development, fine & large motor skills, body immunity.

  • Convenience for parents to use any of our centers based on their need at any time.

  • We welcome feedback to further enhance our quality of service.

  • Children are trained out of the Diaper habit.

  • A child is made to look fresh when parents come to pick them up.

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