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Kanchana Paati – My Grandma’s Place is a professionally managed  8 AM to 8 PM, multi location child care centre in Chennai city operational since 2006.

The first and best choice of a child care for any parent is their mother’s place, a Grandma’s Place for the Child. In a Grandma’s Place, a child is assured of unconditional love, patience in guiding and grooming, a safe and hygienic environment, freshly prepared nutritious and tasty food, life perspective stories and good value systems. Kanchana Paati, my Grandma’s Place has been modeled around this belief.

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  • 11th year of Operations – Since 2006

  • 8 AM to 8 PM operations (12 hours service), 6 Days a week ( Saturday until 5 PM)

  • 91st Day onwards until 14 years.

  • Grandmotherly Approach – Unconditional Love, Patience, Fresh and Nutritious food, Grandma’s stories.

  • Mineral Water, Freshly prepared food and snacks at centre.

  • Age appropriate curriculum.

  • Expert Guidance: Child Psychologist, Nutritionist, Curriculum Expert

  • After School Enrichment Program.

  • Toilet training at our Day Care.

  • Day Care Closed only for 11 designated Holidays.

  • In-house training centre.

  • Served over 17000 parents and their Children.

  • Nearly 100 percent of our children have got into the school of their parent’s choice.


  • 24 locations around Chennai city and soon in other cities.

  • Presence in Multi-Dwelling Units and Townships.

  • Presence and tie-ups with leading corporates and factories.


  • Ample inside and outside open space.

  • Plenty of fresh air, light and ventilation.

  • Non Air-Conditioned, healthy environment.

  • Conventional as well as modern play equipment.

  • Standardised facilities across all centres.

  • Clean, safe and secure environment.

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