Pre School


Pre School

The child’s development can be thought of in different domains which are interrelated and interdependent and interact with each other. Our Pre School follows the modern thinking on education affirms that the goal of teaching – learning process is to teach children “how to learn”, that is, to explore, discover and practice to understand the world around.

Theme Based Curriculum

We at Kanchana Paati have designed a theme based curriculum for our Pre School with expert guidance to

  • Theme based learning to help in concepts formation and understanding the world.

  • Important festival days and colour day celebration to build moral values and cultural integrity.

  • School Readiness with activities to learn introduction of self, alphabets, colours, shapes, rhymes.

  • Activities to foster the growth and development of all the domains of children.

  • Give opportunities for children for self exploration, experiencing and learning.

  • Circle time to promote self esteem, language and group learning.

Pre School

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