From what age do you admit Children?

For the convenience of working parents we admit children from 91st day onwards.

Do you have trained staff to take care of such young children?

All our staff members are mothers and grandmothers who are naturally trained to handle young children. We also train them on cleanliness, nursing, first aid, fire safety, stimulation programs, communicating with parents.

What are the centre timings?

8 AM to 8 PM, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays and major Public holidays.

What is your Child to staff ratio?

5 : 1 dedicated staff under a supervisor.

Do you extend your working beyond 8 PM?

Strictly no as all our employees are women and they need to reach home on time.

Can nursing mothers come in between to feed the child?

Yes. They can come in between to feed the child. We will provide a private place for the parent.

Can parents give special food and will the centre ensure that the child is fed on time?

For Crèche children, the parents can send special food – food supplements with instructions.

Do I have to send water for the children?

Not required. We serve branded mineral water and we boil and serve it.

Will you serve Breakfast for the children?

We do not serve Breakfast and Dinner. Parents are advised to give a healthy breakfast before dropping them at the centre.

Do I have to send snacks for the children?

Not required. We serve freshly prepared tasty, nutritious and child friendly snacks.

Do I have to send Lunch for the Children?

No, we serve freshly prepared nutritious and tasty lunch for the children.

Do I have to send Diapers for my child?

Diapers are permitted until the child starts walking. We toilet train your child.

Are your centres air-conditioned?

We believe in a healthy non air-conditioned healthy environment.

Can I leave my child who is unwell in the centre?

If it is a mild fever, cough and cold, you can with information to the centre. The child will be isolated from other children until recovery. Parents are advised to keep their children at home in case of severe fever in the interest of the other children at the centre.

Will you give medication periodically?

Written instructions should be given by the parents to the centre staff, and they will give medication at prescribed intervals.

Do you have tie - ups with any hospitals?

Each of our centres has tie-ups with reputed hospitals nearby. In case of emergencies, the child is rushed to our partner hospital, parents are immediately informed. Our staffs are trained for first aid.

Will you take the Children before 8 AM?

Kindly consult with our Centre Heads.

What would be the medium of instruction?

English is our medium of instruction.

How does a crèche child spend their time?

We have a designed curriculum to foster the development of a crèche child. The curriculum promotes the child to attain their developmental milestones with lots of love and care like a grandmother’s.

Do you have play time in the evening?

We have a compulsory play time between 4 PM and 6 PM. All the children are washed and groomed to look fresh before parents come to pick them up.

At what age do you admit children?

Play Group 1 1/2 years and plus and Pre School 2 1/2 years and plus as on the 1st June of every year.

What are your timings for Pre and Play group?

Our Play group and Pre School timings are between 9:30 AM and 12 Noon.

At What time can I drop and pick the child?

You can drop the child by 9:15 AM and pick them by 12:15 PM.

What is the curriculum that you follow for Play Group and Pre School?

We follow a thematic learning approach which is in accordance with the “Early Childhood Education and Development Framework” given by Govt of India.

What is your method of delivering your curriculum?

We follow E-L-P-S methodology, Experience, Language, Picture and Symbol.

Can I drop the child earlier say by 8:30 AM and pick by 1 PM?

Yes, you can. The option will be available if you subscribe for our day care service for the additional time.

In case we come late, will you let my child in?

Occasionally yes, but not regularly. Late and crying children disturb the rest of the class.

Do you have uniform for Pre and Play School Children?

We have uniforms to be worn for 3 days in a week.

Do you provide transport for the children?

For the safety of the child, we expect the parents to arrange for transport.

Do we need to send water bottle and snacks box for our children?

Not required. We provide mineral water and freshly prepared snacks at School.

Do we pay extra for the Mineral water and snacks?

No, our Pre and Play school includes Mineral water and Snacks.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes, we provide freshly prepared, nutritious lunch at an additional cost of Rs. 1200 per month. Our lunch at School is a big success with the children and parents. Children eat well and enjoy the lunch we provide.

What is your Child to staff ratio?

Play Group is 15 : 1 and Pre School is 20 : 1 with a support staff.

Can I use any of your centres if need arises?

Yes, you can, after placing your request with our customer care.

Are there any charges for it?

No charges need to paid to access any of our centres if need arises.

How long does it take for a child to settle down?

Some children settle within minutes of coming to the centre, some take a few hours, some take a couple of days or weeks.

Do the children have books to carry?

No, they only bring change of clothes to the centre.

Do you have facility for the kids to play Indoor & outdoor games?

We have ample space inside and outside and well equipped for Children to play.

How many branches you have? Can a child get transferred in between the centres within an academic year?

Currently we have 24 centres in the city; you can use the facility of any of our centre at no extra cost.

Do you have tie ups with any regular school for the child to get admitted after Pre School?

As a policy we do not have any tie ups. If we have a tie – up the child loses opportunity to join other good schools. Over the last 6 academic years, near 100% of our Pre School children have gotten admissions into school of their parent’s dream and choice.

Do you have LKG, UKG, 1st, 2nd standard classes?

As a policy we do not. We believe that it is easy for a parent to get admissions in regular schools in LKG, than in UKG, 1st or 2nd standard. We compliment schools by providing ‘Go to School Ready’ Pre Schoolers. We do not compete with them.

How often is the Parent's Teachers Meeting held?

Once in a term of 3 months.

It is so hard to get ready and leave the child in the mornings as the child keeps crying and refuses to get ready or go to school? What should I do?

Please do not refer our centre as a school, refer it as a Grandma’s Place. Based on our experience, we suggest that you wake your child, give space between his milk and breakfast and get him ready not in a hurry. Your child will be eager to come to our centre.

How do you keep in touch with the parents?

We believe that parent’s involvement nurtures a child’s learning. We get in touch with the parents through letters about the curriculum, parent-teachers meeting and celebrations like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grand Parent’s Day.

How do you assess the children?

The child’s progress is recorded and evaluated with our age appropriate developmental milestones. General health checkup is done periodically.

Can we get a daily feedback about a child's progress?

We advise parents to fix an appointment on Saturdays with the Centre Head, Play, Pre School Teacher and discuss a child’s progress. We are sure you would appreciate that a teacher is busy with 20 other children and if they spend 5 to 10 minutes with every parents they lose 2 hours of their grooming the children time.

What are your "After School" timings?

12 Noon to 8 PM on Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays.

Do you Serve Lunch for After School?

Yes, once your child comes back from school, he or she is guided to freshen up, change to regular clothes and is served freshly prepared and nutritious lunch.

Is there a separate fee for lunch?

No, it is part of our after school charges.

Do you let my child sleep after lunch?

After lunch, the child is sent to our class rooms and guided to complete written homework and then permitted to sleep or play.

How do the After School children spend their time at Kanchana Paati?
  • We have an After School Enrichment Program that includes
  • Homework Assistance
  • Free Play and Structured Play (Indian Traditional Games)
  • Thematic learning activities, themes different from regular school topics and methods.
  • Creative Arts and Craft activities.

We have a compulsory outdoor play for our After School children every evening.

Do you serve snacks in the evening for the Children?

Yes, we serve wet snacks for the children in the evening.

Do you offer special skills training for the children?

Yes our ‘My Activity Centre’ conducts Dance, Music, Chess, Karate, Arts, Crafts, on a regular basis. We also conduct various workshops. Kindly see our site for details.

Do you have pickup for After School Children?

For the safety of the child, we suggest that the parents arrange for the pickup.

Do you offer subject tuitions?

Kindly check with centre heads for further details

How do I make my payments?

In the form of Cheque favouring Kanchana Paati – My Grandma’s Place.

What are your Registration Charges?

It varies from service to service. Please contact our Centre Head for details.

What is the Validity of Registration Charges?

Registration charges are valid for 12 months. After 12 months a child can continue without paying registration charges until the child takes a break of service for more than 60 days. If a break for more than 60 days is taken, the child need to be re-registered.

Will I get a refund of Registration charges in case I leave in between?

We do not have a refund policy for Registration charges and the Fees.

What are the options for fee payments?

Play and Pre School – Annual, Half Yearly, Term of 4 months in advance. Crèche, Day Care, After school, monthly in advance.

Will you discount your fees if we pay it annual or half yearly?

Yes, our Annual and half yearly payments are discounted to our normal rates.

Will you discount your fees if we pay it annual or half yearly?

Yes, our Annual and half yearly payments are discounted to our normal rates.

Will I get to pay pro rata if we join in between?

Yes, we have. Please talk to our centre heads regarding the same.

By when do I have to pay the fees?

The fees for the Half, year, Term or month need to be paid by 1st of the month.

Is there a penalty for late payment of fees?

Yes, there is a penalty of Rs.500/- if the fees are not paid on or before the 1st of the due month.

Is there a penalty for returned cheque?

Yes, there is a penalty of Rs.500/- for any returned Cheques.

Why is it Rs.500/-?

Our bank charges Rs 350 for every returned cheque and we collect a late fee plus admin charges of Rs 150/-.

Do you refund part of the fees and registration charges in case we leave in between?

We do not have a refund policy. If there is any refundable deposit, the same will be returned.